Presentations of the 5th Meeting of the Approval Authorities of European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation

Publicated on: September 28, 2016

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary
22-23 September 2016, Budapest

Opening speech: Mr. Levente Magyar, State Secretary for Economic Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Plenary Session I. Connecting regions across borders

Hungarian transport development strategy from a cross-border perspective - Dr. László Mosóczi, Deputy State Secretary for Transport, Ministry of National Development (presentation)

Development of the cross-border transport connections between Burgenland and Western Hungary - Mag. Peter Zinggl, Regional Government of Land Burgenland, Head of Department, State Planning (presentation)

Transport development strategies and the concept of functional regions –Mr. Lothar Zeller, JASPERS Office Vienna

The role of EGTCs in connecting regions – Mr. Dirk Peters, Team Leader, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission (presentation)

Plenary Session II. EGTCs as vehicles of enhancing mobility, accessibility and connectivity across borders – Best practices of the EGTCs

Introduction and projects of the Central Europe Transport Corridor EGTC –Mr. Krzysztof Żarna, Director (presentation)

Introduction and projects of the Via Carpatia EGTC – Ms. Julianna Máté Orbán, Director (presentation)

Projects of the Arrabona EGTC in developing cross-border public transport connections  – Mr. Péter Sárkány, Director (presentation)   

Plenary Session III. Workshop of the representatives of the EGTC Approval Authorities and the EGTCs

EGTCs after the modification of regulation: legal experiences, goals and challenges, an overview of the obstacles of cross-border cooperations   

Status of Implementation of the EGTC Regulations in the member states –Mr. Dirk Peters, Team Leader, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission  

Experiences of Greece – Mr. Antonios Karvounis Project Management Professional; Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction; (presentation

Experiences of Croatia - Mrs. Katarina Serdar, Head of Service; Ministry of Public Administration (presentation)

An introduction to the study of CESCI on EGTCs – Mr. Gyula Ocskay, Secretary General, Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives  

Operation of the European Investment Advisory Hub and European Investment Project Portal – Support of Cross-border Projects – Ms. Edina Csányi, EIB (presentation)