European Commission asked to include the revision of the EGTC in its Annual Work Programme

Publicated on: January 6, 2011

The Committee of the Regions is "surprised that the European Commission's work programme does not mention in any part the application or proposal for revision of the Regulation (EC) 1082/2006 on EGTC".

This resolution was adopted 02.12.2010 during the 87th plenary session where the CoR approved its political priorities based on the legislative and work programme of the European Commission. As foreseen by the article 17 of the Regulation, by 1 August 2011 the latest, the Commission should propose a report on the application of this Regulation and proposals for amendments to the European Parliament and the Council. The CoR and most of the stakeholders expected that the Commission would foresee a legislative procedure to revise the EGTC Regulation. The Commission has not yet clarified whether there will be a legislative document with proposals of revision (COM type) or simply a staff working document with the report about the implementation of the Regulation but no legislative proposals (document SEC). The CoR also "undertakes, on the basis of the conclusions of the CoR consultation on this issue, and a specific opinion, to play an active part in the reform of this regulation, mainly through interactive networking among regional and local authorities involved in this area". The draft opinion on the EGTC proposes several amendments to the Regulation 1082/2006 aiming to bring it in line with the needs identified in the course of the prior consultations carried out by the Committee of the Regions. This opinion will be adopted in the plenary session of January 2011, and the rapporteur is Mr Alberto Núñez Feijóo (EPP/ES) President of Galicia.

Draft opinion of the CoR on EGTC