EGTC status report on the meeting of the Austrian-Hungarian Regional Coordination Forum

Publicated on: April 15, 2010

In the organization of the Ministry of Local Government the 5th meeting of the Austrian-Hungarian Regional Coordination Forum was held in Sopron 27 February 2010.

The Austrian-Hungarian Regional Coordination Forum was established in 2004 by the agreement of the prime ministers. The first meeting was also held in Sopron in 2005 and since that time they meet once a year.
The two parties looked over the reported activities and their results, and the next steps in the following topics: regional cooperation, transport and infrastructure, environment and water management, renewable energy sources, economic and technological cooperation, the status of the labour market, the cultural and touristic cooperation.
The representative of Ministry of Local Government Dr. Katalin Fekete introduced the cooperation possibilities hidden behind the more efficient use of the EGTC framework in the border region.
The Austrian Co-chairman, Dr. Herald Dossi, General Director, Federal Chancellery of Austria gave information about the Austrian EGTC regulation process (the regulation has been prepared in three states) and he hopes that after the creation of every regulation the Hungarian and Austrian partners will both take advantage of EGTC.