Conferences at the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Conference on EGTC and multilevel governance, 21-23th March, 2011- Gödöllő

Revision process of the EGTC Regulation (1082/2006/EC) adopted in 2006 will be due during the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian trio presidency. Spain, Belgium as well as Hungary have outstanding experience in regulation and practice. In the interest of a successful revision of the operation of European Groupings of Territorial Co-operation, the presidencies undertaken by the three Member States have coordinated their activities with the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission. A questionnaire to size up experiences was made during the turn of the Spanish Presidency, summarized by the Belgian Presidency and the evaluation will be performed during the Hungarian Presidency in the framework of conferences. During amendment it is in Hungary’s special interest to enforce the regulatory proposals aimed at facilitating cooperation between people living in border areas. Discussions on multilevel governance and subsidiarity stated in Malaga, on 16-17 March 2010 during the Spanish Presidency, are carried on during the Belgian and Hungarian Presidencies. Belgium organised a high-level conference on good governance during its presidency. Hungary will carry the initiative on by tackling multilevel governance. The conference will address the revision of Regulation 1082/2006/EC, experiences in the current practice of law application, and an overview of regulatory proposals on multilevel governance as a new model.

The program of the conference can be found here.

Presentations of the Conference on Multilevel Governance and EGTC at the 1st Day, 1st Section by Dirk Peters, Elvira Vieria, Szabóné Kémeri Klára, Ferencsik István, Stef Vande Meulebroucke.

Presentations of Ocskay Gyula, Köles Sándor, Klaus Baldauf, Francoise Schneider, Alfonzo Martinez at 2nd Section, followed by Simó Balázs and Antonio Ruiz de Casas presentations at 3th Section.

You can find here the Plenary Session's presentations by Sandra Salamonova, Marie Christine Bernard Gélabert, Filip Chybalski, dr. Szabó Erika and dr. Csonka Ernő.

Presentations at 2nd Day 1st Section by Johan Höö and Péteri Gábor, followed by 2nd Section by Kállai Mária and Garcia Vara Arribas. Finally, you can find here 3th Section presentations by Thomas Zandstra, Elise Blais and Michael Roth.

Plenary Session at 2nd Day by Alfonso Zardi, David Sweet, Nádasi György, Oystein Haugen, Zöld-Nagy Viktória and finally, you can check the Trio conclusions here


18th European Days of State Territorial Representatives (EASTR)

 Balatonszemes/Siófok, May 18-21, 2011

The programme of the Conference in english, in french.

The organisation has got its three–day meetings twice a year. The plenary session of the organisation – European Days of State Territorial Representatives – is held in a three-day session every year. Last conference was held in autumn 2010 in Lausanne. During the Hungarian presidency in 2011 Hungary will host the next session and take over the EASTR presidency from Switzerland. The topic of the conference to be organised in May 2011 in Balatonszemes is the introduction of the role of the territorial government offices in governmental and territorial managing of the challenges we have to face in the 21st century (crisis, social issues, catastrophe situations, other phenomena). We also discuss multilevel governance and structural reforms. We would like to introduce to the international public the structure of the government offices established in Hungary, and have information on public administration structure, its work, allocation of tasks and competences in the participating countries. Beyond professional seminars we intend to visit with our guests a Hungarian government office.