The last European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation meeting was held on 26 October 2011 in the building of Ministry of Public Administration and Justice.

In autumn 2009 the Ministry of Local Government created an EGTC working group for cooperation in issues connected to EGTCs and the elaboration of development and codification propositions.

Principally the working group consists of the participants of three professional areas and it expects more efficient work and easier cooperation of the participation. Within the working group the practical experiences are provided by the representatives of the already established EGTCs; the academic and scientific work is performed by the representatives of the universities; the codification, legislative work is performed by the representatives of the ministries.


  • facilitation of the establishment of cooperation,
  • support of the already established cooperation,
  • survey, performance of the required legislative requirements,

On these meetings the Danube Strategy is a continuous topic next to discussions of support and financing of cooperations. The participants are commonly getting up-to-date information about the Strategy from the competent representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The newest information regarding finance is the call for application possibility for these cooperations. The supporting period is open until 31 May 2012, and the submission deadline is until 17 June 2011, the submission form can be downloaded from the website of Wekerle Sándor Fund Management. Tender evaluation is the task of the state secretary responsible for public administration. After tender evaluation the Wekerle Fund Management will contract the winner. Information about this process is available on their own website and on the website of MPAJ.

Working groups are informed about the work of cross-border intergovernmental joint committees too. On this head is considerable the efficiency of Slovak – Hungarian and Slovenian – Hungarian joint committees, and the promotion of cooperations on the missing border – section. Regarding these cooperations 2010 December was a significant change, namely because of the takeover of approval procedures from Metropolitan Court to Ministry of Public Administration and Justice.

The development of legal background is a further priority of these cross-border expansions, which was presented by the government on 26 January 2011 joined by the amendment of State Frontiers Act. The purpose of this regulation is the review and integration of legal difficulties.

Formation of professional working groups and the assessment of problems regarding every border section is a further purpose. But the amendment of the State Frontiers Act is not enough, bilateral contracts in force between the countries are needed to be reviewed too. The purpose is to give rise to framework agreements. Their appendix include such expansions and future plans, which can be changed with simplified procedure or exchange of notes.

On these working groups participants could get information about the structure of the renewed EGTC website, which is permanently updated with current topics. All the important information could be found on their website, such as the process of formation of EGTCs and their support, Hungarian EGTCs, presidential events, important links, documents and other actual news.