Once a year, the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is going to organize the EGTC Forum, approved by the ministerial meeting's 2010th EGTC concept

Once a year an EGTC forum is organised by the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice according to the 2010 EGTC concept upheld by the ministerial meeting.

According to precedents, portfolios, universities, EGTCs and euroregions are informing each other about their work within an extended harmonizing process.

The last Forum was held on 31 January 2012.

the Agenda of the Forum was the following:

1. The reconstruction of local government

2. Amendment of Act 104/2004

3. Activity of cross - border joint committees, 2011

4. Pálfi-day 2011

5. Role of EGTCs

6. Support of EGTCs in 2012

7. Financial planning of 2014-2020 period


14th December 2010 meeting:

The following Agenda of the Forum meeting were on the table:

1. Amendment of the EGTC Act, implementing regulations, presentation of changes of the 126/2010 Act.

2. Financial support for the operation of EGTC, presentation of Ministry of Public Administrartion and Justice and CESCI.

3. Information of the events of the European Union Presidency - Conference on Multilevel Governance and EGTC, 21-23 March 2011 - EASTR Annual Meeting, 18-20 May 2011

4. Information on the cross-border joint committees, forums

5. Presentation of Abaúj Abaújban EGTC

6. Information on the Danube Strategy and the Action Plan of the Danube Strategy