Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Cross-border Economic Cooperation Deputy State Secretary
Deputy State Secretary: Péter Kiss-Parciu 
Phone: + 36 (1) 458-1063
E-mail: cjHQMc5N2czOUEtpc3NQYXJjaXVAbWZhLmdvdi5odQ==
Head of the Secretariat: dr. Andrea Elek 
Phone: +36 (1) 458-1063
E-mail: uNvMoJfuCTxJA7mmzUD0DQUVsZWtAbWZhLmdvdi5odQ==

EGTCs, Joint Commission for Cross-border Cooperation, Committee of the Regions, EU Strategy for the Danube Region (priority area 10)
Contact Person: dr. Patricia Abaffy Deputy Head of Department
Phone: + 36 (1) 458-3570
E-mail: ddWCkh3METUGF0cmljaWEuQWJhZmZ5QG1mYS5nb3YuaHU=

Contact person: dr. Lilla Bognár desk officer
Phone: + 36 (1) 458-1415
E-mail: llyPGmVZWRGGTLpH9cG0hYhxQxTGlsbGEuQm9nbmFyQG1mYS5nb3YuaHU=
Contact person: dr. Andrea Antal desk officer
Phone: + 36 (1) 458-2049
E-mail: uMwywyNYZBzGwvdIh9lJk2OrMrYQW5kcmVhLkFudGFsQG1mYS5nb3YuaHU=